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Just Paint Brisbane


Just Paint is an Australian owned paint and sip company operating in Brisbane, Queensland. Founded by two passionately artistic creators, Just Paint has been established with the intention of making art more accessible and enjoyable for all.

Being pretty creative ourselves, it’s sometimes hard to understand why some people don’t enjoy painting. However, after much research, we found that people are often either; intimidated by the complexity of images they see in paint and sip classes, or put off by the idea of not getting much choice in the way their painting turns out.

This is where we differ. We make sure that no matter the individuals’ experience or skill level, everyone will get to leave the class with a painting they’re happy with. We provide a number of different class options, from the traditional step-by-step instructed classes, to much more free-flowing abstract classes where everyone is encouraged and guided through the use of many types of media, without such rigid instructions. And no, this doesn’t mean you will be left completely on your own, it just means that there is more freedom to explore and experiment. Your teacher will still be there to guide you and help if you would like assistance, or have any questions.

Included in your ticket:

  • A three hour guided painting class

  • All materials that you will need (including brushes, paints, easel, canvas, and an apron)

  • One awesome new artwork created by you!

  • One complimentary beverage

Come along and enjoy a creative evening with friends at Virginia Golf Club, creating a silhouette painting of a beautiful beach at sunset.
For bookings please follow the link HERE