Virginia Golf Club has designated outdoor smoking areas (DOSA) under Queensland Government Regulations. Penalties apply – $18,277 for the Club and $261 for the individual.

Regulations as they apply to the Club are as follows:

On course – Smoking is not permitted in areas of the course where members might congregate, such as in the vicinity of the Golf Shop, practice putting green and adjacent area, warm up nets, short game and long range practice facility teeing areas, 1st tee and adjacent marshalling area etc. and all greens.

Smoking is permitted on the golf course (fairway and rough areas) provided that persons smoking do not interfere, offend or encroach on the personal space of another player whilst smoking.

Clubhouse – Smoking is not permitted within the clubhouse.

Car park – Smoking is permitted within the car park.

Main terrace – Smoking is permitted on the right hand side of the terrace (as indicated by signage). No food is permitted in this area. No drinks may be served but  may be consumed in this area. Smoking is not permitted on the left hand side of the terrace. Food and drinks may be served and consumed in this area.

These regulations are required by law.