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Competitions & Club Rules Information


Virginia Golf Club Local Rules

(To be read in conjunction with the rules of golf)

Please refer to the local rules board and club’s website for

additional/or temporary local rules

 1. Out of Bounds (Rule 18)

a. Those areas beyond the boundary fences of the course.

b. Those areas beyond the inside line of white stakes with black tops.

c. The clubhouse, putting green, driving range, short game facility, maintenance shed, the carpark and all areas defined by white stakes with black tops.

d. Right hand side of 4th hole tree line as defined by white stakes with black tops.

2. Lost Ball (Rule 18)

a. Lost ball Rule in accordance with Virginia Golf Club Local Rules. NOTE: for out of bounds and lost ball, model local rule E-5 is in effect (as per local rules board).

3. Penalty Areas (Rule 17)

  1. All penalty areas are red penalty areas defined by red stakes and/or red lines.
  2. Where no lines or stakes exist, the penalty area is defined by it’s natural margin.
  3. All penalty area stakes are immovable obstructions (Rule 16.1 applies).

4. Abnormal Course Condition (Rule 16)

a. Areas defined by white stakes and/or white lines (G.U.R.) All G.U.R. is a compulsory drop nearest point of relief no nearer the hole.

b. All new work.

c. Clearly defined wheel ruts in the general area only.

d. Ornamental garden beds surrounded by a brick, concrete, rock and/or a timber border, that are not marked or defined as penalty areas.

e. If your ball lies in a bare patch on the closely mown fairway relief may be taken (Rule 16.1.b)

f. Embedded stones or rocks in the general area are (G.U.R), nearest point of relief no nearer the hole.

g. Relief is allowed when your ball is embedded in the general area (Rule 16.3.a).

h. Exposed tree roots in the general area of the course within 1(one) club length of areas cut at fairway height or less may be treated as abnormal course condition. Where a tree root interferes with the lie of the

players ball or area of intended swing, relief may be taken without penalty (Rule 16.1). NOTE: Relief under this rule is not available for interference to the players stance.

5. Immovable Obstructions (Rule 16)

a. Sprinkler Heads, stakes, tee markers, distance markers, ball washers, sand bins, irrigation control boxes, tee signs, advertising signs, drainage covers, seats, rubbish bins, timber edges and/or retaining walls surrounding tee areas and all chain/rope barriers and stakes.

b. Sprinkler heads and drainage covers within 2(two)club lengths of the putting green and within 2(two)club lengths of the ball that intervenes on the line of play between the ball and the hole. The ball may be dropped at the nearest point that is no nearer the hole, avoids intervention and is not on the putting green.

c. The artificial surfaces including, entry, exit and sides of roads and constructed paths (including gravel paths). For the path on the right-hand side of the 3rd green, relief MUST be taken by dropping ball in the nearest drop zone.

d. Trees and shrubs that are either staked or protected by a tree guard.

e. Protective screens (excluding fences that define the boundary of the course) relief may be taken (a) in accordance with rule 16.1, or (b) by dropping ball in the nearest drop zone.

f. All footgolf holes, flags and tee markers.

6. Bunkers (Rule 12)

a. If a ball lies in water, a washout, a mud area or exposed matting then treat as abnormal course condition (rule 16.1.c).

b. Bunkers with a white stake should be treated as (G.U.R).

c. You may remove all stones, loose impediments and moveable obstructions before playing your ball in the bunker (Rule 12.2.a).

7. Permanently Elevated Cables

a. If a ball strikes an elevated cable, power line or power pole, the stroke must be cancelled and replayed (nearest point of last stroke) without penalty. If the ball is not immediately recoverable, another ball may be substituted.

8. Distance Measuring Devices (Rule 4.3.a)

a. If during a stipulated round, a player using a distance measuring device to gauge or measure conditions other than distance that may affect play (eg. gradient, wind speed, temperature etc.) the player is in breach of Rule 4.3.9.

9. Wastelands

a. All mulched/bark wasteland areas are part of the general area of the course unless marked otherwise.

10. Maximum Score Rule (Rule 21.b)

(Excluding the men’s and Women’s club championship)

a. In any competition round of golf at VGC, a player’s maximum score for a hole shall be (5) over par gross score. Par 3 maximum score will be 8, Par 4 will be 9, Par 5 will be 10. Once the maximum score has been reached the player may pick their ball up and mark down the appropriate maximum score for the hole, with no further penalty.

Temporary Local Rules

  1. General Area

All rope lines and the associated stakes are to be treated as immovable obstructions. (These cannot be removed/moved under any circumstance; the player will be subject to a 1 shot penalty in accordance with rule 8.1). In accordance with rule 16, the player may take free relief from these if they interfere with the players swing or stance. Relief is full relief no nearer the hole. If a player’s ball strikes the rope or stake the player may opt to replay the shot.

  1. The hedge and garden bed surrounding the path on the 10th hole adjacent to the Dam is GUR. A ball in or lost in this area (is to be treated as GUR, please use the drop Zone on the right hand side of the 10th Dam for relief)