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For all competitions, the Rules of Golf apply together with the Local Rules for the day.

A scorecard is deemed to be officially returned once it has been scanned and processed at the Mi-Club terminal in the Golf Shop. A player is disqualified if their scorecard is not returned within 15 minutes of the completion of the day’s play.

Protests must be lodged in writing with the Secretary / Manager no later than 24 hours after the conclusion of the match (in the case of match play) or the day’s play (in the case of stroke play). A protest lodged after this time may still be accepted if the Match Sub-Committee is of the belief that the matter has a significant impact on the Club’s reputation and the integrity of the Club’s competitions. Any protest will be dealt with by the Match Sub-Committee whose decision is  final.

A player must obtain their card from the Starter at least 15 minutes prior to their designated tee off time and be ready to play when the tee is clear.

The Match Sub-Committee has the right to alter, amend or substitute the conditions of a competition at any time. Any decision made by the Match Sub-Committee is considered final.

Players are reminded of their obligations under Rule 3.3b (4) to ensure that their handicap is correct. In a handicapped stroke play competition, a player must ensure that the correct handicap is recorded on the scorecard before it is submitted. In a handicapped match play competition, a player must ensure that he/she has informed their fellow competitors of their correct handicap before the match has commenced.