Dear Members,

We have received feedback from Industry bodies on a meeting with Dr Jeanette Young, Queensland Chief Health Officer held this morning.

Dr Young has stressed to the Industry representatives her serious concern about recent Covid 19 outbreaks in Victoria and NSW and of the need for Clubs to maintain vigilance in managing within the regulated restrictions currently in place.

Dr Young has stressed the importance of social distancing, hand hygiene but was particularly concerned about Clubs maintaining appropriate records of member attendance at the Club, time in time out etc. The attendance record is required for contact tracing  should someone attend the club and later test covid positive,  a record is available as to which members were in attendance at the same time.  It follows that members who had left before the covid positive person attended the Club would not be required to isolate for 14 days.

Dr Young acknowledged the difficulty of monitoring member exit times but has advised that if we do not record member exit times (we do collect this information as well as we are able) in the event the Club records a covid positive incident, all members who have not been signed out will be deemed to be at the Club until close thereby greatly increasing the risk of these members being required to self isolate. As a result we ask that members let us know when they are leaving the Club so we are able to maintain accurate records.

In addition, Dr Young strongly reminded Club representatives of the importance of not allowing people who are unwell to enter the Club, which she advised was the catalyst for the Crossroads hotel covid cluster in NSW. Members are also reminded that staff are required by regulation to refuse entry to members who display any symptoms of illness.

Lastly, we strongly suspect that authorities will mobilise significant resources over the weekend to monitor Pubs and Clubs for compliance. We will continue to manage the regulatory compliance requirements carefully as we have done all through this period, we ask for our member’s continuing support in working with club staff to ensure we maintain compliance and keep everyone safe. And please try to remember, let us know when you are leaving.



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