Dear Members, following on from our Board meeting on Tuesday, on behalf of the Directors I am delighted to advise that there will again be no increase for in membership subscriptions fees for the 20/21 Golf year (for all memberships categories excluding points memberships). The Points membership Category  will increase by $50 per year to $850 from 1st September 2020

This is the 4th year in succession that the subscriptions fees have not been changed (except for Points Memberships as above). The only other change to 2020/21 subscriptions relates to the Senior Member Category, where in the past few years the ‘Senior Member discount’ for eligible senior members was not only applied to the subscription component of membership fees but also (in error) to GA affiliation fees, insurance and members card components.  For next year, the discount will only be applied to the subscriptions component which will result in an additional approximate $40 change in Senior Members fees.

Members should expect to receive invoices for the 20/21 membership year from early August, with fees payable by 31st August. Installment payment options are available upon request. For those Members who have recently changed their email address or where you are unsure whether the club holds your current email address, could you please contact the club to ensure email addresses are current.

Ray Mawdsley

VGC Club President.


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