Dear Members, just a quick update on a couple of things.

Golf Cart Usage. As per our previous post, we had sought advice from the Chief Health Officer for a clarification of the Public Health Directions in respect of members from the same household sharing a golf cart at VGC.  The Direction has been clarified in this regard with the outcome being that members of the same household, from Saturday last, are able to share a golf cart. Members who are well known to the club will be able to do so without requiring any special additional check, however, it is a requirement on the club to ensure that this can only be ‘from the same household’ and where we might be unsure, we will need to validate the ‘same household’ requirement for cart sharing through viewing drivers licences or similar. We would ask for members support and patience should this be required.

All other remaining social distancing protocols and and avoiding congregation on any part of the course remain in place until we are advised further by the Regulatory Authorities. 

Tuesday Seniors & Thursday Club. Both the Tuesday Seniors Group and Thursday Club will reconvene at VGC from the start of June, with the Tuesday Seniors playing on 2nd June and Thursday Club on 4th of June.



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