Dear Members,

As many members will be aware, we continue to have difficulty with Saturday time sheets with approximately 18 members on the wait list for this Saturday. Obviously this issue arises from the 2 per group regulatory requirement, which in full fields reduces playing capacity by 50%. We have sought to maximise our playing capacity by reducing the time between groups to 5 minutes on Saturdays and as far as is possible, extending the time sheet to create extra playing spots. We will continue to try to optimise course capacity on busy days to give all members the opportunity to play on the day of their choice.

As previously requested, members who are on the time sheet for Saturdays in particular and who are unable to play, are asked to advise the Pro Shop at the earliest possible time to enable another member on the wait list to be allocated the spot and with sufficient time to be able to attend. Receiving such advice 30 minutes before the scheduled tee time does not afford the club the opportunity to re-allocate the tee spot.

Additionally, a suggestion has been made that some members who are readily able to play on other days during the week may choose (in the interests of other members) to not seek to access the Saturday time sheet until later in the week to enable members who are required to work during the week better access to the time sheet on the Tuesday of release. Obviously this is an individual consideration for those able to access the course readily at other times.

Again, as per previous advice, all social distancing regulatory protocols remain in place and members are asked to continue to comply with these requirements and to support other members in doing so. These requirements include to not congregate on practice putting green, proshop and surrounds and tee areas (only the group of 2 hitting off should be within 10 metres of the tee) to avoid any appearance of congregation, maintain social distancing of minimum 1.5 metres, one player per cart, strictly no alcohol on course etc.

We thank all members for their continued understanding and support during these difficult circumstances. We would hope that within a couple of weeks further restrictions on social gatherings might be enacted that would allow us to return to groups of 4, but obviously we need to wait upon these further directions.


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