Dear Members,

Thank you for your ongoing support as we seek to ensure all required protocols are in place and observed to enable us to keep the course open. Thank you also to those who have sought to assist other members and guests in complying with these protocols, your efforts and care for your club is appreciated. We would ask that any such interventions in observed behaviours on course be conducted in a respectful and appropriate manner, and if any one is uncomfortable in doing so, please call the Golf Shop and we will respond as quickly as we are able. We understand and respect member input in writing to us a couple of days after the event of things they have seen on course, although with no details it is not that helpful. Our preference is to either intervene or call the Golf shop immediately.

There are a couple of learnings to share from the introduction of ‘groups of 2’. On busy days such as last Saturday, there is likely to be some delay in changeover and potentially multiple groups waiting at a tee. Members (and guests) are asked in such circumstances to stay well back from the tee, and well separated from other groups who may be waiting, until the tee is available to you (use 10 metres as a guide) . Not only is this required now as a necessary restriction, it is golf etiquette to do so anyway.  Please be conscious of this requirement to avoid any congregation on course, and this should also be practiced around the Golf Shop and Practice Putting area as well.  Obviously there is a fix to the cross over issue by removing a number of groups from the time sheet, however we are currently of the view that a potential 10-15 minute wait  at crossover is less of an inconvenience than some members being unable to get a game at all.  We will continue to work on this so we ask for your patience and understanding.

We again wish to thank members for your support and efforts during these challenging times. We are confident that provided we strictly comply with the social distancing and congregation protocols (and other controls)  in place we will be able to continue to enjoy the course . The one other thing that will probably see immediate closure of the course is members or guests who seek to bring alcohol on to the Course. We strongly re-iterate that alcohol is strictly prohibited on course. Any member or guest who brings alcohol onto the course will be immediately asked to leave, and if a member, will be reported to the Board for potential further sanction. There is also strong potential that fines for the individual and the Club will result. Police continue to regularly visit the club to support us in our endeavours to comply with the necessary protocols in place.

Please continue to work with us so we can ensure that we are doing everything within our control to keep the course open, to keep you and other members safe and enable members a few hours to worry only about your driver or wedge play.

Thank You. Tony

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