Dear Members, on behalf of Greg our Club Captain, please find attached a communication from Golf Australia in relation to changes to the World Handicap System to be implemented on Thursday 30th January 2020. This communication provides all you need to know in respect of the new handicap system, albeit it is a bit to take in!!.

As we have previously been advised, these changes to the World Handicap system will have a limited effect on Australian handicaps as a number of the changes have already been implemented here in the last tranche of handicap modifications.

For most members, the major change will be the removal of the 0.93 handicap multiplier which will see a slight increase in notional handicaps but no change in daily playing handicaps as the increase in notional handicap will be exactly mirrored by the flow on decrease in daily playing handicap (i.e. the change in handicap nets out).

Happy Reading!  Kind regards.


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