Dear Members, arising from a question asked at the annual general meeting on Monday 25th November 2019, on behalf of the Board I wish to advise of a correction to the 2019 Annual Report provided to members.

In the Directors report for the year ending 31st August 2019 – page 14 Directors benefits section, Directors are required to report any benefits received or  any benefits a Director may be entitled to receive by reason of a contract made by the club with a Director or a firm in which a Director is a member or an entity in which a Director has a substantial financial interest.

In the annual report, there was no disclosure of any benefit being received by a Director which was incorrect, an oversight which was acknowledged in the Annual General Meeting in response to the member’s question.

The Board would like to issue a correction to the Directors benefits section to the annual report to advise members that a Director, Tony Bourke, was employed by the Club as an interim Secretary Manager for the period 10th June 2019 until 31st August 2019 and received a salary from the Club for this period. The salary paid to Tony over this period was commensurate with the requirements of the Secretary Manager role and exactly equal to that paid to the previous role incumbent.

On behalf of the Board, I unreservedly apologise for this omission in the 2019 Annual Report.

Ray Mawdsley


Virginia Golf Club

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