The first round matches of the 2019 RW Wilson Match Play were played on Saturday  4 May, and most matches were disrupted by a thunderstorm.

Many of the matches were hard fought contests, with most going to down to the wire.

Four matches were decided on the 18th. Defending champion Curt Mathews and new partner Rowan Fletcher over came Mark Douglas & Brad Hope winning the last hole to finish 1 up.

The biggest upset would have been Jim Hicks & Chris Butterworth losing to Tony Bourke who took them on single handed. The match went to the 20th.

Kieron Lawley had a big day, with he and  his partner Frank Phillips winning 2 & 1 and also taking home the Titleiest Esky as part to the recent Titleist Ball Promotion.

The Round 1 results and Round 2 draw can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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