Greens and Grounds Information Bulletin

Week Commencing 18th June 2018

Please fill yours and any other divots

  • Divots are causing a lot of unnecessary work for the grounds staff and also ruining the club’s reputation as a desirable member’s club. .
  • Grass has been laid on the Ladies new 1st Tee, and the tee is expected to be available for play in mid to late July.
  • Redefining and shaping of the right fairway bunker on 16th and the back bunker on 17th is planned to start this week. The design will mean the bunkers are shallower than the existing and slightly smaller in length and width, but probably no easier.
  • Planned additional work around the course maybe delayed this week while work on the surrounds of the buggy shed are finalised
  • Areas in front of the 1st, 5th, and 10th greens have been cut for temporary greens while work will be conducted on these greens later in the year. Please treat as GUR and keep foot traffic and motorised buggies off these areas  There may also be a need to bring the 28th hole back into play if any major work is to be performed
  • Roped off areas are in play unless designated as GUR, in which case there will be a Drop Zone marked.

Clearing of drains adjacent to the 16th fairway. Further works to be undertaken in the next couple of weeks it improve the flow of water.


NEW Ladies tee block on the 1st looking good!


Cart shed is coming along nicely. Not long to go. 

Ray Mawdsley and the crew doing an awesome job! With only a few spots left to complete, the project should be completed by Friday 22 June..










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