Welcome to Virginia Golf Club. The Course of Champions. One of Brisbane’s most beautiful and distinguished golf courses.

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  • Championship course open Heritage 9 open Range open Carts allowed

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  • A member in one of the first groups of the day was faced with this lie on the 9th hole. Please leave bunkers in a better condition than when you walk into them. It's captains trophy qualifying today

  • Thursday Club Gala Day had a great turn out of 146 players. Results: Winners OCB of $125 Vouchers were Rod Bywater and Mike O'Malley with 47points. RunnersUp for a pair of Footjoy Golf Shoes each were Greg Cox and Ray Knudsen with 47points. RunDown: Golf Shirt - Frank DePasquale & Sel Morrow with 47points $50 Vouchers - Rob Zuttion & Des Sterling with 46points Lindsay Holmes & Derek Graham with 45points Paul McGrath & Stephen Cartpenter with 45points Kevin Young & Nev Clatworthy with 45points Bottle of Rum: Lin Seeney & Ian Ross with 44points Ash Brown & Les Hawkes with 43points David Gantz & Keith Bailey with 43points Rocco Cartella & Anil Chandra with 43points Paul Skinner & Rod McAuslan with 43points Bottle of Scotch: Ross Smith & Zach Maxwell with 43points Dave McLean & Tony Sutton with 43points Brett Maxwell & Zach Maxwell with 43points $30 Voucher: Darren Spies & Darren Shepherd with 42points Merv Nosworthy & Frank Tighe with 42points Jeff Menck & Graham Brighton with 42points David Holtham & Neil Rowlatt with 42points Clive Wigley & Martin Thomsett with 42points Doz. stubbies: Richard Wonnacott & Andrew Hibberson with 42points Robin Bechley & Partner with 42points Brad Perkins & Ray Mawdsley with 42points John Blount & Kev Enders with 41points Alan Wright & Partner with 41points Athol Gibson & Jim Chiles with 41points Phil Lennox & Paul Rys with 41points. NTPs: 3rd Hole - Vince DePasquale 9th Hole - Alan Wright 12th Hole - Neil Watson 14th Hole - Ludwig Schwarz Goose Club: 1st - Jeff Stubbins 2nd - Darren Shepherd 3rd - Derek Graham What a prize rundown, as you can see from the scores the results were very close.